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Are you tired with same and boring flavors of cake and you think there is nothing left to explore. Well you are wrong!! Every day we try to bring out the best for you. Our chef’s always try and experiment not only on the appearance of your cakes but also to bring the best and exotic new flavors. Here are some interesting brand new flavors to go for. You can also order them from

Want to savor richness of chocolate without the fluffiness of bread try this truffle cake. It is a true delight for your chocolate cravings. This cake is a big hit among chocolate lovers, for its intense and dark chocolate flavor. Even a small bite of this cake would leave you mesmerized. If the temptation has already started overpowering you, open your browser search for online cake delivery in noida and your doorstep.
Cake filled with goodness of pure dark chocolate. This cake has an acquired taste. You simply, can’t miss this cake if you are a true chocolate lover. Order this cake in any shape or size as per your requirement. Make plans for your lady love and surprise her with a Dark chocolate Cake. If you want
to make it more interesting, order this cake from
Mesmerizing taste and exotic flavor of kiwis, this cake has gain major popularity in very less time. Kiwi cake has an eccentric taste which is quite new maybe this is the reason of its growing fan following. If you love Kiwis than try this exotic cake for once. Our professional bakers have crafted this delicacy to its perfection.

A lovely zesty and citrus flavored cake yes brand new Pineapple Gateau Cake. Freshly crushed pineapple mixed in delicious frosting and beautifully crushed atop. This cake will instantly make you fall in love with its ravishing appearance. The pineapple will give a fresh taste to your taste buds. Order it online for Cake delivery in Noida. We deliver a Flash Fast service.

Fruits decorated gorgeously at the top of the cake are a real treat to the taste buds! Order your cake in any flavor that goes well with fresh fruits. Fruit cake offers you an unforgettable flavor. You can order this cake for any occasion, wedding or anniversary celebration, or gift this lovely cake who
likes to indulge in fruit-dipped flavor. Get them delivered instantly or in the middle on the night with our midnight cake delivery service.

Chocolate Gems is an all-time favorite among Kids & Women. This chocolate gems cake is a perfect gift for their birthdays. This cake has the goodness of Cadbury Gems, and it will remind you of the amazing childhood times you had while relishing the characteristic Gems taste. If you are planning give you loved one surprise this is the right cake for you. This cake also comes in Heart shaped accompanied by kitkat also.
Red-colored velvety textures with delectable taste, these cakes are favorite cake among women. Red velvet cakes are very popular around Valentine’s. If your spouse/girlfriend’s birthday is near, than you can order this stunning flavorsome cake as a lovely surprise for them. We provide free shipping in Noida.

This is a delicious cake loaded with the goodness of toothsome and gorgeous Oreos. If you have been following the Chocolate trend all these years, Chocolate Oreo Cake would be a magnificent change. If the person is a huge chocolate fan then they would love this wonderful peculiar flavor. Our chef’s try their best to deliver the finger-licking, lip-smacking striking cakes for you.

Try cakes from our website and we assure that you won’t be disappointed. We also have egg-less cake also. We offer a Flash Fast service. Try now!!

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